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Sustainable LoopKitchens™ for Thylander

We are going to help Thylander with 700 new LoopKitchens™!

In collaboration with the danish real estate company, Thylander, we have been given the task to update the interior for 700 kitchens in Copenhagen!


700 units




Frederiksber, Denmark


Thylander, LK Entreprise,

Senior Asset Manager, Maria Sparby, explains;

“We are experiencing a growing demand for sustainable products, both from our portfolio owners and tennats, therefore it has been obvious to try to see what we could do in terms of integrating more sustainable interiors.”

At Stykka, we have created a digital platform that helps us minimize whaste and material usage, which also means that we can lower the operating cost for our customers.

The platform makes it possible to have a virtual copy of the LoopKitchen. This means that we can save information about parts of the kitchen in case of damage and restoration. The damaged parts can be sent back to us where we will recycle it and give it new life.

Maria Sparby says; “... By investing in sustainable products that can be maintained through Stykkas digital platform we can minimize the environmental impact… For us, it's a win-win-win situation”

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Fabriksparken 1

2600 Glostrup

Tel: +45 71 99 10 56





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