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Each path to a more sustainable portfolio is unique. We offer pricing and solutions to suit every company.

Lowering your climate impact at the click of a button.

Sustainable smart interiors maintained through our digital platform. Extend the lifespan of your interiors, while lowering the emissions and additional costs associated with replacing wornout interiors.

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What they say

“Stykka highlights the direction that consumer products must move toward if we are to become more sustainable”

By investing in cost efficient and sustainable interiors from Stykka we’ve optimised our operations, to the benefit of the planet and the value of our portfolio. 

Maria Saaby
Senior Asset Manager
Thylander Gruppen

What we offer

Digital facility management platform

Long lasting interiors

Portfolio wide overview and data

Fabriksparken 1

2600 Glostrup

Tel: +45 71 99 10 56





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