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Sustainable student accommodation for PensionDanmark

“It’s bad for IKEA, but good for the students” 
- Torben Møger, PensionDanmark.


299 Units


Ballerup, Denmark




Pension Danmark,



We have delivered sustainable, long-lasting interiors to the students, designed after our circular principles that make it easy to maintain and hereby minimize operating costs. 

In collaboration with PensionDenmark, Boligfonden DTU, Tegnestuen Vandkunsten and Scandibyg. We have designed and manufactured interiors for 299 new studio homes in Ballerup, Copenhagen!

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Usually, the students will live there for a semester to a couple of years and it is common for them to buy basic furniture when moving for the first time. A lot of that furniture ends up as waste when the students move out again. Each semester, several tons of furniture end up in the containers outside the dormitories. This is both a waste of money and time-consuming. 

Therefore the idea behind StudioHomes is that students can move in with nothing but a suitcase. Not having to buy new furniture will be money-saving and help reduce the overall consumption. We are therefore saving the environment from tons of waste and students a lot of money when moving. 

The interiors are made out of FSC-certified plywood which is known for its great and long durability. It is made with a lot of storage space, so there is no need for extra square meters in depot facilities. Besides, the properties are DGNB gold-certified and have the Nordic Ecolabel.

Fabriksparken 1

2600 Glostrup

Tel: +45 71 99 10 56





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