A visit from the tax minister

Did you know that the building industry is responsible for 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? We do, which is why it was super cool to have Morten Bødskov, the tax minister of Denmark, over for a chat.


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We have a little but growing hope that sustainable construction can be the next export success - exactly like the wind turbine industry has been in the area of sustainable energy production.

We at Stykka are doing our part to try to lower this number, but we think changing it will take more than that. This hopelessly outdated industry will need systematic changes. 

That is why we found it important to chat with Bødskov about carbon taxation and how to create the right incentives from the political side, to start the change of direction for this industry.

It is important to send a big thanks to Thomas Kjær Petersen from PensionDanmark for participating and enlightening the perspectives from an investor's point of view.

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