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CPH Village Prototype 05

Say hello to the future of student housing👋




Copenhagen, Denmark




CPH Village

We’ve been working with the bright minds at CPH Village on prototyping the future of circular and sustainable tiny housing. 🏡

CPH Village is on a mission to build villages in underutilised areas of the city, and are offering students a chance to live simply, affordably, and in strong communities. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been collaborating with them on creating the prototype for Village #3. 

The prototype is partially furnished with Stykka interior, which reduces the need for disposable furniture (and the overall cost of moving in). 

The build-in loft bed, kitchen and storage solution provides 30% more floor space than in the current CPH Village apartments, meaning that living small might feel a bit bigger. 

We are still in the process of testing the prototype and have been collecting super interesting insights from their community of tiny living experts; The Villagers, as they call them. 

Everything is built circular and designed for disassembly in order to make it easy to repair, refurnish and maintain in order to lower the operating expenses. 💰

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Di Award

Fabriksparken 1

2600 Glostrup

Tel: +45 71 99 10 56





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