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DI Award

Stykka’s digital tools and production of sustainable furniture has been honored with the DI - Danish Industry Initiative Award! And our heads are still in the clouds!








Dansk Industri

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Di Award

The piece designs based on the idea that each individual part must be able to be replaced without it becoming cumbersome. When you get tired of the color of your kitchen, you can send the doors back to Stykka, who can change the design and at the same time reuse your old doors. If the table leg is broken, Stykka is ready with a new identical one. All because Stykka has created a digital design platform that stores "digital twins" on all furniture.

In their justification for the award, DI writes:
With new digital tools, the design company Stykka creates quality furniture in Denmark that can be recycled. With its strong focus on sustainability, Stykka is a role model in the Danish business community and therefore receives DI Hovedstadens Initiativpris 2021!

And even though 100 percent of the wood that Stykka produces is certified as sustainable forestry by the FSC scheme, the digital drawing tool minimizes the waste so much that the company does not need to move the furniture production out of the country to be competitive.

says Peter Lanng Nielsen, chairman of DI Hovedstaden, who together with the mayor of Albertslund Municipality Steen Christiansen presented the award to Stykka.

“The award shows that if you combine innovation, sustainability and digitalization, you can maintain production in Denmark. It is extraordinary"

says CEO Jarl Engelbrecht Vindnæs

"The basic idea in Stykka has from the beginning been that if we are to succeed with the green transition in furniture, we must make products that can compete with less sustainable alternatives on market terms." ​​

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